April 2021 marked a new era for Atari as Wade Rosen stepped in as the company’s new CEO. With the mindset of an architect, Rosen has so far spent time building a restored narrative for the legacy brand by remaining conscious of its place in video game history as well as in media and pop culture.

Under Rosen’s direction, Atari has focused on returning to its roots in premium game development and publishing, releasing new titles and bringing more content to PC, console, and streaming platforms.

Atari’s claim to fame was to produce games that were easy to learn but difficult to master. The Recharged series brings back classic titles from the library and gives them a fresh coat of paint with modern controls, mechanics and added features.

Atari XP publishes collectible, physical games beginning with never-released and rare Atari games that were completed but never received an official release or were only released in very limited quantities.