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Atari is one of the most recognized & celebrated brands in the world

Founded in 1972, Atari played an integral role in the development of the arcade game, game console and personal computer industries. Atari’s iconic games, including Pong®, Asteroids®, Centipede® Missile Command®, have been played by many millions, and the brand continues to bring joy to gamers with its expanding portfolio of PC, console and mobile games.

Atari’s core businesses include video games, consumer hardware, licensing and blockchain. The team at Atari is focused on creating value by expanding and integrating each of these businesses under the leadership of our CEO Wade Rosen.

Our team is dedicated to honoring the legacy of the Atari brand and building a engaged community of passionate fans around our retro-focused family of brands, including Digital Eclipse, Nightdive Studios, Infogrames, AtariAge and Mobygames.


CEO Wade Rosen and founder Nolan Bushnell sit down to discuss Atari’s legacy of creativity and innovation, its formative role in the development of the modern video game industry, the Atari brand’s sustained role in popular culture, and what will define the company as it pushes forward for the next 50 years.


Atari is an interactive entertainment production company that manages an intellectual property portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises.

Atari is listed on Euronext Paris stock exchange.

The retro-focused Atari family includes: Digital Eclipse, Nightdive Studios, AtariAge, MobyGames & Infogrames. 

AtariAge is a community-focused site containing a massive database of Atari video games, including digitized copies of manuals, key art, packaging, screenshots, reviews, and more. It also houses arguably the largest and oldest retro gaming community, frequented by retro enthusiasts as well as homebrew developers who create new games for Atari consoles and computers and other legacy game platforms.  AtariAge also features the premier online store for new, high-quality retro games for retro Atari consoles and computers.

Digital Eclipse is a game development studio dedicated to celebrating and preserving gaming’s heritage and telling the stories of gaming history through archival releases and interactive documentaries. Digital Eclipse pioneered commercial video game emulation well before it was a household concept and today is one of a select few development studios recognized as leaders in retro-focused development. Th studio’s in-house Eclipse Engine is purpose-built for restoring and enhancing classic games. The studio’s critically-acclaimed titles include The Making of KaratekaAtari 50: The Anniversary CelebrationTMNT: The Cowabunga Collection, and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

MobyGames is a renowned database resource for video game information that serves as the authoritative source for information about video games and the individuals or organizations behind them. Similar to the television- and film-centric IMDb, MobyGames provides in-depth and accurate video game credits and information for titles ranging from AAA to obscure independent projects. Celebrating its silver anniversary on March 1, 2024, MobyGames has proudly relied on its dedicated community of volunteers for 25 years. 

Nightdive Studios is a full-service development and publishing company with expertise in restoring, optimizing, and publishing classic video games. The studio’s reputation and deep industry knowledge have made it a go-to partner for some of the largest names in gaming and entertainment — resulting in a diversified portfolio of titles based on cult classics and major IPs. Nightdive’s proprietary KEX engine allows the team to add modern enhancements to classic games, which has contributed to the success of its titles, including Blood: Fresh SupplyDoom 64Quake I & IITurok I & II, and System Shock.

Infogrames is a publishing label that operates under the Atari umbrella. Infogrames acquires IP and publishes games, across multiple genres, that fall outside the core portfolio of IP associated with the Atari brand.