The Atari VCS is a contemporary video computer system that seamlessly combines the finest elements of both consoles and PCs, designed to captivate and inspire an entire new generation of gamers and creators. 

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Ready for console gameplay, HD streaming, and productivity, the Atari VCS is a streamlined take on the classic design of Atari’s first console. Access games and entertainment on the native Atari OS, or unlock a customizable multimedia PC for unmatched freedom and versatility.

Two Ways to VCS

The Atari VCS out of the box is built game and productivity ready. Power on the Atari VCS and you have a built-in entertainment center ready for retro and modern gaming. To harness the VCS's full PC potential, PC Mode allows users to load optional Linux and Windows systems, opening up a world of games and applications.

Creators can customize the Atari VCS

Creators of all ages can upgrade and customize the Atari VCS hardware. The VCS is powered by an AMD Raven Ridge 2 APU and AMD Ryzen processor GPU with 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 32GB eMMC fixed internal storage. Boost performance by adding an internal M.2 SATA hard drive or upgrading the RAM. 

Introducing Bundles and Accessories Tailored for the Atari VCS

Introducing the legendary Atari VCS All-In Bundle, VCS Base, PC Mode USB, Wireless Modern Controller and Classic Joystick, and VCS Speakerhat Bundle. Get what you need to get to gaming, streaming, and creating fast.

Atari VCS All-in Bundle

The Atari VCS All-In Bundle includes: Atari VCS Base, Wireless Modern Controller, and Wireless Classic Joystick. Start gaming immediately with the Atari VCS Vault, featuring 100 classic arcade and console games, and access thousands of games with Antstream Arcade. Both included for free. Available in Black Walnut and Onyx Black.

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Atari VCS Base

The Atari VCS base is a customizable multimedia PC for maximum freedom and versatility. Install a Linux or Windows OS and add your own USB mouse, keyboard and controllers. Available in Black Walnut and Onyx Black.

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Atari VCS PC Mode USB

The Atari VCS PC USB is a simple “plug-and-play” way to operate your VCS as a PC. The premium 64GB USB 3.2 drive comes preloaded with Linux Debian OS and includes the Office 365-compatible LibreOffice suite. Atari VCS Base unit not included.

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Atari VCS Accessories: Built for both retro and modern gaming

Play your favorite retro classics like never before! Featuring built-in rumble, LED effects, and authentic button control, Atari's compatible Wireless Classic Joystick and Modern Controller bring the golden age of gaming to a new generation.

Atari VCS™ speakerhat bundle

The Atari VCS Speakerhat Bundle includes: VCS Base, Wireless Modern Controller, Wireless Classic Joystick, and the exclusive baseball-style cap Atari Speakerhat with high-fidelity stereo speakers and microphone that can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. A perfect style statement for young and young at heart.