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atari's web3 initiative

atari and blockchain

Atari is in the blockchain business. We moved into the space early. We are in active development on a number of large projects. And we believe that blockchain will grow to be a more significant part of our business, creating new ways for us to interact and collaborate with partners, players and fans of our brand.

our commitment

To reaffirm our commitment to blockchain, and to organize and focus our efforts in order to maximize performance, we have announced Atari X.

Atari X is an initiative that consolidates Atari’s blockchain interests into a unified operation that is wholly controlled by Atari.

Atari X also stands for our vision, which is a robust blockchain ecosystem that intertwines gaming, community and utility.

a new token on

the block

One very important Atari X project is the launch of a new branded token. We announced our intention to do this on April 18, 2022 and we are hard at work putting the pieces in place to make that happen. We continue to make progress building out our team, adding key partners, and are actively engaged with various platforms as we evaluate our options and work to define the utility, governance, and tokenomics of the new branded token.

We have a clear vision, new ideas, and we cannot wait to share more with you.

To stay up to date on this initiative please follow our new Twitter account. To engage with our team and join our growing community, please join us on Discord.

what the biggest

names in blockchain

have to say

“Atari is one the most enduring video game brands, so it’s natural that Atari will continue to define video gaming culture as it enters the blockchain era. We believe that gaming will be one of the most important, if not the most important activities in the metaverse, and are excited to work with Atari to shape the future of what gaming looks like in the metaverse.”

– Janine Yorio, Everyrealm CEO

“Atari has been an inspiration for us as we have built our own products and games. It has been exciting to partner with them as their core development partner as they lay the foundation of their blockchain strategy.”

– Alex Needelman, co-founder and CTO, NiftyLabs

“Atari is a pioneer in video games and also the first game studio that embraced user-generated content and the immersive possibilities of the Metaverse, launching their first NFTs on The Sandbox gaming virtual world. They take a very open-minded approach to work with our teams creatively – from building a social hub for their fans to refreshing their most iconic licenses in 3D with multiplayer gameplay and engaging quests. We can’t wait for players to engage with them on our platform.”

– Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO, The Sandbox

token update

Atari announced on 18 April 2022 the termination of all license agreements with ICICB Group and its subsidiaries, effectively terminating all ATRI, Atari Chain and related projects. At the same time we announced our intent to create a new token and to offer to exchange those new tokens for eligible ATRI tokens held as of April 18, 2022 at 6:00PM CET (GMT +1).

The definitive source for information regarding the new token is Atari X, our FAQ, and the related Twitter account and Discord. For information regarding swap eligibility, our roadmap and timeline for the new token please consult these channels.

For more information, check out our FAQ.

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