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The power of the atari brand

No brand is associated so closely with the birth of the industry and the golden age of video games. And few brands can boast 50 years of sustained cultural relevance.

The core attributes of the Atari brand: a sense of joy and discovery, reinforced by the emotional pull of nostalgia, have made it a licensing powerhouse.

Over 300 titles with rich history & Iconic Imagery

Atari holds an IP portfolio of hundreds of classic titles. Rich in history and visually iconic, many of these games defined genres, including Adventure®, Asteroids®, Breakout®, Centipede®, PONG® and more.

atari today

Atari’s business spans video games—launching new games and reintroducing classics; Web3, where we are building a robust ecosystem that intertwines gaming, community and utility; hardware, merchandising and licensing.

Our highly-engaged fan base is incredibly diverse, ranging from those that experienced the birth of the industry first-hand, to a new generation of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. Our licensing business allows us to collaborate with partners to create new products and experiences for the next generation of gamers and creators.


Atari has partnered with Beanstalk as its exclusive licensing agency. Beanstalk is a global brand licensing agency behind some of the world’s most recognized global brand extensions.

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