Aquaventure - Limited Edition

Aquaventure - Limited Edition

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Collectible cartridges for rare and never released Atari® games

Own and play a piece of video game history. Newly manufactured Atari game cartridges for classic consoles. Buy the official version now, available for the first time from Atari.


Made in a period dominated by space-themed games, Aquaventure’s colorful and challenging undersea gameplay was a breath of fresh air. The game was never released on cartridge, until now.

The goal of Aquaventure is to dive to an undersea cavern and retrieve a treasure before running out of oxygen. As you make your way downward you must either avoid menacing sea creatures that harass and delay you, or kill them with your speargun. Killing them spawns replacements that are faster and stronger, so you need to pick your moments.

The joy of victory is fleeting. Once you reach the treasure you encounter a mermaid who advances you to increasingly difficult levels, where you dive for treasure against faster enemies and with less air.

Pre-Order Availability

This Standard Edition Atari®XP cartridge is only available through June 12, 2022. This is a preorder, Standard Edition cartridges will ship in July 2022.

Product Details

Atari XP cartridges are made in the United States of high-quality materials. Each Standard Edition cartridge comes sealed with a high quality box, cartridge and manual.


Developer: Atari, Inc.

Publisher: Atari, Inc.

Platform: Atari 2600

Mode: Single Player

Collectible Game Cartridges

Atari XP is a publisher of collectible, physical games beginning with never-released and rare Atari games from the 1970s and 1980s. Our game cartridges are newly made in the United States of high-quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards. Limited edition versions will include premium packaging and extras that are sure to delight collectors and fans of the titles.

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Box Contents

Atari 2600 Cartridge

Instruction Manual

Digital Game Download for Atari VCS


Box Dimensions

7.625" x 5.5" x 1"
Product Weight


System Compatibility

Atari 2600 (Not Included)