Butcher Billy Limited Edition Cartridge Set

Butcher Billy Limited Edition Cartridge Set

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Collectible cartridges for rare and never released Atari® games

Own and play a piece of video game history. Newly manufactured Atari game cartridges for classic consoles. Buy the official version now, available for the first time from Atari.


Featuring the stunning artwork of Brazilian artist Butcher Billy, this four pack is limited to only 500 copies and includes four Atari 2600 hits unique in gameplay and historical significance: Fatal Run, Outlaw, Save Mary, and Dark Chambers. Showcase these games in style with the included cardboard sleeve featuring Butcher Billy's spectacular artwork.

This exclusive Atari XP collection is the only way to get the Butcher Billy edition of Save Mary.

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Product Details

Atari XP cartridges are made in the United States of high-quality materials.

Each cartridge is built of high quality materials designed to last. Includes four Atari 2600 hits Fatal Run, Outlaw, Save Mary, and Dark Chambers. This is a great set of games to play on the new Atari 2600+.

Four Legendary ATARI Games

Dark Chambers

Dark Chambers is a top-down dungeon crawler, similar to the Atari arcade classic Gauntlet, and is one of the more advanced games released for the 2600.

Fatal Run

Fatal Run, one of the last official releases for The Atari 2600, thrusts you into an apocalyptic future, where you must navigate a treacherous wasteland to deliver anti-radiation vaccines to help the few remaining survivors.


Based on the 1976 arcade game of the same name, Outlaw is one of Atari's earlier Atari 2600 releases, where you play as a gunslinger, either alone or against another human player.

Save Mary

Save Mary was completed in 1990 but never saw a physical release at the time. In this original and exciting game from Atari alumni Tod Frye, you must build a platform that Mary can use to escape the flooding canyon. Skillfully operate the crane to carefully lower the different shaped blocks, piecing together a platform that Mary can safely stand on — but be careful! If you swing or drop a block carelessly, you may end up crushing poor Mary.


Box Dimensions

7.625" x 5.5" x 10"
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System Compatibility

Atari 2600 (Not Included); Atari 2600+