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Atari VCS PC Mode USB

Atari VCS PC Mode USB

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PC on a stick

The Atari VCS PC Mode USB gives owners a new and effortless way to access the device’s PC Mode (Atari VCS Base unit not included).


The Atari VCS PC USB is a simple “plug-and-play” way to operate your Atari VCS as a PC. The premium 64GB Kingston USB 3.2 drive is preloaded with a custom Debian operating system, provides additional storage, and includes the Office 365-compatible LibreOffice suite.


Available now! Ships within 3-5 business days.


- Debian OS, version GNU/Linux 11 (Bullseye)
- LibreOffice suite (fully compatible with Office 365)
- Chrome web browser
- Etcher (used to create bootable USB drives to use alternate operating systems on the Atari VCS)
- Atari VCS OS and Bios disaster recovery images


A computer at your fingertips

As the powerful mini-PC designed for the living room, the Atari VCS is a sleek, modern gaming and entertainment device that delivers the best in new, retro, and indie gaming and streaming capabilities.



2" x 1""
1 oz


Step One

Plug Your USB PC mode stick into your Atari USB in one of the four USB slots in your Atari VCS

Step Two

Turn on your Atari VCS as normal

Step Three

Select your preferences for Language and Keyboard Layout

Step Four

Connect to the WIFI network of your choice

Step Five

Once you go through the remaining setup questions you are ready to use PC Mode! 

For more information

For any additional questions regarding the Debain 11 OS and desktop environment visit: