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Aquaventure’s Pirate Links

Aquaventure’s Pirate Links

In Aquaventure you play as a deep sea treasure hunter, desperate for one big score to make your name, and your fortune. Your crew believes it has discovered the shipwreck of the notorious pirate Calico Blue, and his lost treasure.

We couldn’t find any reference to a real life Calico Blue, but there was a Calico Jack. Calico Jack was an English pirate captain named Jack Rackham who sailed in the Bahamas in the early 1700s. His nickname was apparently derived from the clothing he wore. Calico -- rough cotton adorned with woodblock prints -- was a popular fabric in 18th century England.

Calico Jack is credited with creating the Jolly Roger

Calico Jack is credited with designing the iconic Jolly Roger pirate flag .. a skull over crossed swords.

Pirate Queens Mary Read and Anne Bonny

He is also famous for having two women on his crew … the pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny -- at a time when women crewmembers were quite rare.

There are many articles and books on the subject for pirate fans. You can read more about the “pirate queens” Mary Read and Anne Bonny in Smithsonian magazine.

Calico Jack's Unfortunate Cameo

Calico Jack Rackham also had a cameo, unfortunately for him as a corpse, in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which you can read about on his PotC Fandom wiki page. You can read a bio for Calico Jack at