NeoSprint Gets a Big Update

NeoSprint Gets a Big Update

The big patch for NeoSprint has gone live on the Atari VCS. This patch addresses a lot of player feedback from the NeoSprint VCS Discord and includes some cool new features. Below you will find the patch notes for this release.

Zoom/Follow Camera: A new option for single player mode where the camera follows and focuses on the player car. This was one of the most requested features, so we hope you like it!

AI Improvements: AI drivers are now more prone to make mistakes and take different routes, instead of feeling deterministic and on a perfect path all the time.

Classic Controller Support: Added support for the classic controller on the VCS to steer using the spinner paddle.

Track Builder Jump System Updated: The jump creation system in the track builder has been revamped, making it simpler and more straightforward, hope you like making more tracks with jumps!

New Tutorial Track: Rebuild the first track (tutorial) to make it have a more logical approach to how the game campaign progresses

Campaign Difficulty Adjustments: Rebalanced the initial tracks for the campaign to make induction more accurate to our expected skill progression.

Unlocks Rebalanced: Moved around a lot of the unlocks for the game, making sure that all game modes have different unlocks all around

Collections - Progress Tracker: Added a progress tracker, so collectors can have a better time unlocking 100% of the game content.

Onboarding Settings on First Launch: Some initial on-boarding for players so they can setup the game from the get-go

Steering Sensitivity in Car Selection: Steering settings have now moved into the car selection screen so that each individual player can set up their own value.

Adjustments on Music and SFX: Cleaned up and finished with Music and SFX

UI Tweaks and Adjustments: Localization, UI tweaks and even added additional menus in the game

Several bug fixes