Atari® partners with ZED RUN on Exclusive Atari® Game-Themed Skins

Atari® partners with ZED RUN on Exclusive Atari® Game-Themed Skins

20 exclusive 1-of-1 racehorse skin NFTs, featuring classic Atari games and consoles, at auction from July 14 to July 20 on the NFT auction site Each 1-of-1 skin will include custom artwork and a ZED RUN Genesis digital racehorse.

From July 14th to 20th, Atari and ZED RUN will offer twenty exclusive 1-of-1 artworks and skins, designed to evoke an era of beloved games such as Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, Pong® and more!

As a first of its kind within the metaverse, Atari’s game skin NFTs can be seen in swift, seamless action on the newly released Atari-themed 3D racetrack. The track promises to elicit an incredible retro gaming experience for millions of users who grew up playing Atari.

Each auction item will consist of a 1-1 Atari-themed skin, 1-1 artwork, and a ZED RUN Genesis racehorse.

Atari fans and ZED heads wishing to participate need to register for an OpenSea account and a MetaMask wallet prior to the bidding process.

Learn more and access the auction at

“We are excited about the long-term partnership with ZED RUN, and the role the ZED RUN platform can play as we continue to expand Atari’s footprint in blockchain gaming,” said Wade Rosen, Chief Executive Officer of Atari. “The Atari-themed NFT skins and the new Atari 3D racetrack will bring a unique combination of in-game utility, value and fun to the larger ZED Run community.”