Atari Announces Google Chrome as Atari VCS Built-In Browser to Enable Streaming Services, Web Browsing, and Web-based Productivity

Atari Announces Google Chrome as Atari VCS Built-In Browser to Enable Streaming Services, Web Browsing, and Web-based Productivity

Atari VCS Companion Mobile App Will Provide Users with Easy-to-Use Virtual Mouse and Keyboard for Navigating Chrome on the VCS

New York, NY (December 16, 2020) - Atari® (OTC PINK:PONGF) – one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers – today announced that the all-new Atari VCS™ PC/console hybrid features Google Chrome for streaming services, browsing, and browser-based applications, including Google Workspace. The addition of Chrome allows these services to be easily accessed within the Atari VCS’s console-like environment while providing the security and safety that users of Chrome have come to expect.

Chrome on the Atari VCS takes full advantage of the streaming capabilities of the system’s AMD Ryzen R1606G CPU. This allows Atari VCS users to access an almost limitless array of streaming services and web-based productivity options. The Atari VCS Storefront will ship with free downloadable bookmarks for dozens of popular streaming services. Once a user selects and installs a favorite app’s bookmark and logs into their account, they will be able to access the streaming service from a tile on their home screen.

Users will also be able to take advantage of Google Workspace, Google’s cloud-based communication and collaboration solution that includes popular apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Drive, and Meet. With Chrome, checking emails and social media, joining a video conference, and online shopping from the couch is simple. The Atari VCS will be compatible with most PC peripherals, so users will be able to connect a webcam for Google Meet video conferencing and use a mouse and keyboard to undertake more text-heavy tasks.

Atari has also announced the release of the Atari VCS Companion mobile app, which will be available to download on Google Play and the App Store. The VCS Companion App provides users with a virtual mouse and keyboard for navigating Chrome and other apps on the VCS, using a smartphone or tablet.

“The Atari VCS Companion app provides an easy to use mobile alternative to using a traditional mouse and keyboard while sitting in front of the television,” said Michael Arzt, COO of Atari VCS and Connected Devices. “Combined with the power and versatility of Chrome, the Atari VCS Companion makes browser-based entertainment, social media, shopping, and productivity tools incredibly easy to use and gives users easy access to the majority of PC tasks they’d need, without leaving the Atari VCS dashboard.”

Pre-launch Atari VCS units have begun shipping to Indiegogo backers, with pre-orders and general retail availability to follow in early 2021. The Atari VCS lineup of video computer systems, bundles, and peripherals is available for preorder at,, and at discounted pre-order pricing. The Atari VCS 800 (8GB) Onyx Base system will retail for just $299.99 USD, while Atari VCS 800 “All-In” system bundles include the Atari VCS Classic Joystick (available separately for $59.99) and Atari VCS Modern Controller ($59.99) for $399.99 USD. The Atari VCS Classic Joystick and Modern Controllers were created in partnership with PowerA. Atari VCS international presale dates will be announced soon.

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