Auction process for 20 exclusive Atari NFTs for ZED RUN raises over $410k in one week

Auction process for 20 exclusive Atari NFTs for ZED RUN raises over $410k in one week

20 exclusive 1-of-1 racehorse skin NFTs, featuring classic Atari games and consoles, generated $410,000 USD at auction on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

The NFTs generated strong interest and saw active bidding from avid Atari fans and players of ZED RUN, a popular online horseracing game offering true ownership of in-game digital assets secured by the blockchain. Each NFT included an Atari-themed racehorse skin, a unique Atari art piece and a Genesis racehorse. In total the auction raised the equivalent of $410k, with Atari benefitting from a 50% revenue share under an existing licensing agreement.

This successful auction process marks the beginning of the partnership between Atari and ZED RUN, which includes a 3D Atari-themed racetrack launched at the same time as the NFT auctions where Atari events will be held in the future. As a result of the strong interest in this first auction, Atari is exploring further ideas for Atari-themed NFTs inside ZED RUN.

“We are excited about the long-term partnership with ZED RUN, and the role the ZED RUN platform can play as we continue to expand Atari’s footprint in blockchain gaming,” said Wade Rosen, Chief Executive Officer of Atari. “Following this successful auction process, we believe the Atari-themed NFT skins and the new Atari 3D racetrack will bring a unique combination of in-game utility, value and fun to the larger ZED RUN community.”

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