2022 marked the 50th anniversary of Atari, providing the opportunity for the company to celebrate the five decades since a small team in Silicon Valley combined their ingenuity, curiosity and passion into video games.

Moving forward, Atari will concentrate on games that fall within its three-tier structure, including remastered games, new titles that mimic old games, and re-imagining new experiences using original gameplay and mechanics but adding more fleshed out characters, narratives, and plotlines.

In this way, Rosen hopes to honor the company’s legacy while moving it forward into the next half-century. By finding ways to do new, cool, innovative things while paying homage to the past, Atari will retain its heritage as a space for gamers to enjoy a meaningful, joyful experience.

“The legacy of Atari – especially the early history of video games – is the history of Atari. The way we consume games, the way we play games, is really because of Atari… it transcended video games and is now part of our cultural ethos.”