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Major Havoc Reproduction PCB Revision D

Major Havoc Reproduction PCB Revision D

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A new revision in ARCADE CIRCUIT BOARD history

Atari has partnered with restoration and recreation specialists Retro Arcade to create a new series of collectible printed circuit boards. These amazing reproductions are officially licensed and authentic reproductions based on the original PCB sets.


For the first time since 1983 new Atari Major Havoc PCBs are available! Pilot your Catastrofighter to save your people from the remnants of the evil Vaxxian home world.


Available now! Ships within 3-5 business days.

Product Details

At 11.5 x 20.75 inches, these boards are stunning wall pieces.  These boards use the original bill of materials, follow the original schematics, and can be used to replace damaged original boards by using the original parts from these boards.

Done in a striking matte green with yellow silk, these boards are serial numbered with official Atari licensed stickers. 

Package Contents

Collectible Arcade Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Authentic replica arcade machine PCB

Major Havoc PCB revision D

Last revision done in 1983 was version C; this is a very close reproduction of that version with matching 90° trace angles and chip placement. Built-in enhancements to support all versions of Major Havoc code including Return to Vax and The Promised End, both with speech support. No modifications required (use split pads to configure board). Also incorporates the pre-X and pre-Y outputs for use with a Space Duel or Tempest conversion board.

serial numbered with official Atari licensed stickers

On one side of the board the original arcade marquee has been printed in full-color, along with a brief history of the title and gameplay instructions. These non-functioning display boards are produced in very limited quantities.

Retro Arcade


April 23rd 2023