Atari XP

Atari XP Production Update

Atari XP Production Update

The parts we need to produce the first wave of Atari XP Standard and Limited Edition cartridges are in our hands. We are waiting on delivery of the printed materials for the exterior boxes and user manuals, after which we can begin final assembly and prep for shipping. We anticipate shipping all preorders in May.

We took a few behind-the-scenes photos of some of the Limited Edition elements, including patches, pins, PCBs, and cartridge sleeves.

The Limited Edition patches turned out amazing, with vibrant colors.


Pins / Cartridge Shells
The Limited Edition pins look great, and the brand new 2600 cartridge shells are ready for assembly.


We designed and manufactured two different PCBS. The one on the left (below right) is for the Limited Edition cartridges, which have a special feature we will reveal soon.