Saboteur's Place in the Yarniverse

Saboteur's Place in the Yarniverse

Howard Scott Warshaw hinted at his vision for the Yarniverse in a recent interview with Atari. He shared that the characters in the game are full of hidden motivations and not everything is as it seems. Until Warshaw reveals more, here’s everything we know – or think we know – about Saboteur’s role in the Yarniverse.

The Yars Civilization Is Under Threat
From the Yars’ Revenge comic book, we know that the Yars species lived on three planets: III, IV, and V. Planet IV was destroyed by the Qotile. The map at the back of the comic indicates that the Yar in Yars’ Revenge is leaving Planet III to destroy a Qotile enemy camp. Once there, the Yar discovers Yar comrades from Planet III working as prisoners on the rocket launch site. How did these Yars end up as prisoners? Has Planet III fallen?

The Qotile Want Revenge
In the Saboteur user manual, elders from Cytonia explain that the Qotile survived a supernova centuries ago and had left their galaxy in order to rebuild their community. The Qotile blamed the Cytonians, who shielded themselves from the blast, and vowed to return for revenge. However, Warshaw hints that the Qotile may actually have other interests in the galaxy and more complicated motivations than just vengeance. Knowing that “the Yarniverse is full of secret motives and agendas” it’s hard to say if we can trust the Cytonians’ version of history.

Hotot Might Not Be A Robot
In Yars’ Revenge, the player is an unnamed Yar, giving the clever impression that each playthrough is done by a different Yar that is part of a larger force. Hotot in Saboteur has a distinct personality and (if you’re able) defeats the Qotiles -- at least for the time being. Does Warshaw have more plans for Hotot in the future? Warshaw shared that the hero in Sabotuer is actually a human on a critical species-saving mission. Is Hotot a human? Is he part human? Is he being controlled by a human?

These are all questions that we hope Howard Warshaw can answer in future projects, but for now, the Yarniverse lore remains a mystery.