Atari Celebrates 50th Anniversary with First-Time-Ever Founder Interview

Atari Celebrates 50th Anniversary with First-Time-Ever Founder Interview

CEO Wade Rosen and Founder Nolan Bushnell Share Their Thoughts on the Legacy of Atari in an Exclusive Discussion and Atari Shares First Details on Its Recharged Series Joining Stadia Pro

One of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — is marking the celebration of the company’s founding on June 27, 1972, with an exclusive video featuring a discussion between CEO Wade Rosen and founder Nolan Bushnell. 

In a video available exclusively on  IGN and, CEO Wade Rosen and founder Nolan Bushnell sit down to discuss Atari’s legacy of creativity and innovation, its formative role in the development of the modern video game industry, the Atari brand’s sustained role in popular culture, and what will define the company as it pushes forward for the next 50 years.

Atari is honoring its fans and customers with a special Golden Anniversary sale happening now, with limited-time deals on the Atari VCS and exclusive 50th anniversary t-shirts, both available now at

“The story of the early days of Atari is, in many ways, the history of the birth of video games,” said Wade Rosen, Atari CEO. “I’m excited to share this very special conversation with founder Nolan Bushnell as we celebrate the tremendous impact of Atari on popular culture and the video game industry over the past 50 years.”

Since Rosen took the role of CEO, Atari has returned to its roots in premium game development and publishing, releasing new titles and bringing more content to PC, console, and streaming platforms. As part of this return, the company today announced that five of these new games are coming to Stadia, Google’s gaming platform.

The first four games in the Atari Recharged series – CentipedeBlack WidowAsteroids and Breakout – are coming to Stadia this year. Centipede: Recharged launches July 1 for purchase on the Stadia store and to claim for free with Stadia Pro. The Recharged series updates classic Atari games for current generation gaming hardware and adds gameplay features that appeal to modern players, including particle effects, power-ups, co-op play and original soundtracks by award-winning composer Megan McDuffee. In addition to the Recharged games, the critically acclaimed puzzle game Kombinera will be added to Stadia in September.

Expect more news, including game and product announcements, to follow during the week as Atari continues to celebrate 50 years. Stay up-to-date on all things Atari and the 50th-anniversary announcements by following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.