Berzerk - Enhanced Edition

Berzerk - Enhanced Edition

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Building on the Legacy

Dive into Atari's expansive realm of classic gaming with our fully playable 2600 and 7800 cartridges!

In a pursuit to expand accessibility to retro games and preserve arcade history for future generations, Atari has developed a wide release collection of fully playable 2600 and 7800 cartridges featuring both new and retro games, making its legendary lineup accessible to gamers everywhere.


The 1980’s hit that rocked the arcade world is back and upgraded to be more like the original. Robot voices, diagonal shots, and enhanced graphics have been added to this Atari 2600 cartridge so that you can relive the arcade days in comfort. Yes, Evil Otto is still happy to chase you around!

This Enhanced Edition adds new features such as:
- Robot voice phrases - INTRUDER ALERT! and others
- Robots fire diagonally for more challenging gameplay
- New explosion animations
- Minor bug fixes from the original


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Atari 2600 wide release game cartridges are playable on the new Atari 2600+ and original Atari hardware.

Package Contents

Atari 2600 game cartridge

It’s time to go Berzerk!!!



Complete with electrified wall, robot Automazeons and that leering juggernaut, Evil Otto. If you want to survive the labyrinths of Mazeon, keep your feet fleet, and shoot on the diagonal!


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