Atari X - Verified Fuji Tote Bag

Atari X - Verified Fuji Tote Bag

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Hey there, fellow Atari X enthusiasts! Get ready for our second merch drop, packed with goodies and discounts that will make your day! But wait, there's more! If you own certain NFT's, oh sorry, we mean digital collectibles, you'll get even bigger discounts, because we believe in rewarding our community of web3-savvy gamers. Life isn't pixel perfect so don't be square, hop on the web3 bandwagon and snatch some Atari X merch.

Materials & Care

Mug - holds one cup of coffee.

Bag - holds multiple mugs of coffee.


Available until 4/18/2023. Ships within 1-3 business days.

Keep an eye out for updates on how you can access our exclusive discounts and rewards, and be sure to follow us for announcements on new drops and limited edition releases.

Discount Info

Owning a 50 Years of Atari, Checks VV Originals or a Checks VV Edition unlocks a 20% discount on each item. A crypto wallet that holds an eligible NFT is required in order to access this discount. Click the button above to connect your wallet to access available discounts which will be applied and visible during checkout.

SALE ENDS 4/18/2023